Our mission is to improve the quality of health care to West Virginia through the promotion of the practice of family medicine. Whether you’re attending in person or live stream, our goal this weekend is to provide you with informative lectures on relevant topics from presenters who are experts in their field.

To provide regional health care professionals with an update on the diagnosis and treatment of commonly encountered medical problems. Conference attendees will review current clinical concepts in core areas of Family Medicine & Sports Medicine, acquire practical, clinical information helpful in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical problems, and enhance and advance knowledge, skills, and professional performance, furthering excellence in health care.

Dr. José I. Ricard 
Dr. José I. Ricard, a native of Cuba and a 1960 graduate of the University of Havana Medical School, served as the Cuban Olympic Team Physician and the Cuban Sports Medicine Director before fleeing the communism of Cuba in 1963 to come to West Virginia. The Cuban native fought the war against Fidel Castro as a Lieutenant in the Medical Corps from 1950 - 1959. Dr. Ricard is the only physician who is a member of the Marshall University Athletic Hall of Fame and is responsible for starting Marshall University’s Sports Medicine program. As Team Physician of the Thundering Herd since 1981, Dr. Ricard was a key component to the rise of Marshall athletics. As a Family Physician, Dr. Ricard provided care to thousands of patients through his private practice. He also served as a past President of the West Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians and was awarded the Academy’s highest honor, the prestigious “Family Doc” Award in 1994. Dr. .Ricard was instrumental in the development of the Annual Family Medicine and Sports Medicine Conference and has been named in his honor. 
Paul W. Ambrose, MD
 Paul W. Ambrose, MD, a dedicated family doctor, died tragically at the age of 32 as a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Paul grew up in Huntington, West Virginia, and attended Marshall University, as well as the Marshall University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Dartmouth, and received a master’s degree in public health from Harvard. Paul was Senior Clinical Adviser in the Office of the Surgeon General, and a Fellow at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. After his passing, Paul received the U.S. Surgeon General’s Medallion, the federal department’s highest honor. Dr. Ambrose was an advocate of health and wellness.  The Sunday Sports Medicine program has been named in his honor.